About Us

Power House Innovations Ltd. (PHI) has an office on West Campus Waterford supported by WIT with the availability of the best research and communications facilities in the country. There is also trained management available to solve any problem that arrives.

Power House Innovations Ltd. also has among its directors experienced technical expertise of onsite design and building construction in Ireland and the UK and a director who has installed generators and UPS systems in many hospitals, call centres, education computer centres and protects large parts of government services like the HSE and defence installations from power disturbance with back-up systems. He has also built and installed systems in many countries around the world. One of his long time partners in these installations is a large generator builder and service company in Doncaster, Precision Diesel Projects Ltd.

The equipment PHI is to assemble and market in Ireland UK and Commonwealth Countries is a new more efficient way of producing gas and liquid fuel from waste products to power adapted generators. Household food waste, paper packaging, plastics, Industrial waste after selection, Bio waste, Wood, Straw, Tyres, Agri manure and many more can be used as input fuel.

We also have the facilities and expert staff to install this with generators and CHP facilities with the view to full manufacture and installation in Europe. This PAR technology has operated fault free on our overseas site for many years. PAR systems are now operational at a site which generates in excess of 100MW of power per hour.  This power plant has a long term plan to install additional PAR units in order to convert from a fossil fuel station to a fully renewable power plant.

We propose to establish a depot in the Waterford area where we can connect to the national grid to help disperse this project to all parts of the country but any one acre covered site in the country could avail of our initial assembly and preinstall test centre provided it had a link to the national grid.

We are prepared to work with any group to establish sites and facilities for this new technology as it will change the sustainable energy program in Ireland, UK and Europe by replacing all bio digesters and other incinerator equipment and enable refit of all generator stations with this modern technology that is a clean sustainable system.

We have had conversations with the wind turbine group and agreed this would be a helpful addition to their facilities and they are prepared to purchase when we are operational: possible 20 sites. We have a well progressed poultry litter base fuel site in N IRELAND awaiting DARD approval. A site for refitting in Newry awaiting decisions. A site in Strabane which had planning permission to be commenced and a number of sites in the UK, systems of funding pending.

We will continue our research and development in Waterford on all aspects of energy improvement utilising the advanced computer processing facilities and young graduates in several fields on our campus and satellite test centres worldwide.

Please contact us if you wish to help in any way to progress this future advance in clean energy and safe disposal of energy rich waste by directing us to potential sites in your locality. Remembering our system will not produce emissions as present day sites do and with several throughout the country no need for unsightly pylons.

Our first site was to be developed for Northern Ireland but received no support and was moved overseas, to take the benefit of an installation that was being developed by one of our associated engineers. This site is now producing 110 mega watt of sustainable energy with no emissions other than usable ash. Its designer is now working with us to build further sites in Ireland, UK and the Commonwealth Countries.


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